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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

about me :) lets share about yuuu.

Hye everyone! 

Now in sem 2 Iyka need to take BBI2421 at UPM. this course need us to write and write until we are tired to write anymore. hikhik :P Everyone taking degree in UPM must take this course. First of all, my English was not so good. it is bad! I admit it :'( that is why we need to learn and learn until we are able to write and talk in English. hoyeahhh ^^

So this is my first task doing online writing forum. 1 of the assignment actually. This task required us to write about our details. So let begin *smile as always* :D

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone here! My name is Zarif Zulaika Mohd Zulkifli. All of you can call me Ika for short. I came from Kota Bharu, Kelantan which is very famous with the name Negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang but almost 20 years I am living at Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. I was born on 28 August 1992. Yes! Now I am sweet 20 years old. I am getting older and older. Now, I am taking Bachelor of Science (Honour) Majoring in Instrumentation Science, a course which have a lot of Physic formula. I am the eldest among three siblings in my family which are all girls. My father works at Finas and my mother is a teacher at High School Setapak. To me, my family is my sunshine that bright my world. I like to eat Laksa Kelantan very much and also Spaghetti. Now i am in learning process to make Laksa Kelantan and Spaghetti on my own. I like to read Malay novel and also listen to the music. I think music can release my stress about something especially when studying and right now I am listening to the song while typing here. As a student of BBI2421, I hope I could improve my English especially in writing skills. I realize that English is an important language so I am here taking BBI2421 to strengthen my writing skills and I hope by the end of this semester I can write well in English. InsyaAllah. My favourite quote is 'All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better' by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I think this quote have a lot of meaning to me. Life is not just to be success at all time but sometime we have to fall to be success. The more you fall, the more you learn in life not the more you fall, the more you getting tired in life.


this is the real one what I write in the forum. I know there are so many error, vocab error, verb, grammar error and bla bla bla~ -.-

thank you :) alhamdulillah. so lets hear and share about you! 

till here. have a good day. boboii :)

terima kasih sudi bace contengan tangan Iyka Zulaika

8 orang menari sakan:

Anonymous said... [♥ balas ♥]

nak fara rep comment forum dalam bi ke??heee :)

bi fara pon tak betol la ika
tapi fara pon da buat forumm niee

iyka zulaika said... [♥ balas ♥]

@farah hanimboleh farah! silakan :) nak jugak baca online forum farah. hehe :)

Atiqaa Payung said... [♥ balas ♥]

okay. kite lagik tak reti omputeh. btw ade pekataan setapak, rndu sekolah teknik dlu ;)

iyka zulaika said... [♥ balas ♥]

@Atiqaa Payungtiqaa belajar kat teknik setapak eh dulu? dekat la ngn umah kita mcm tu :)

aniswany said... [♥ balas ♥]

hye ika :) nice to meet you .. hihi

iyka zulaika said... [♥ balas ♥]

@aniswanyhye anis :) nice to meet you too :) hehe

eva said... [♥ balas ♥]

awak punya english lagi ok dr cya.. dpt buat byk2 lagi tu.. hehe

iyka zulaika said... [♥ balas ♥]

@eva simple2 boleh la sikit2. tapi byk error. ele... yela tu :)