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Sunday, 13 May 2012

A woman called 'IBU'

today is 13 May 2012. Do you know what day is today? Yeahh! Today is Mother's Day :) special day to treat your mother likes she is the most special woman in the world. say sorry to your girlfriend for boys :P 

okey actually as if *stress on this word.ehemm -.-* you know in the previous entry, I did said that I need to take BBI2421 at UPM right? so this is 2nd assignment that required us to response within two weeks.

this is the task!

Write your response in a paragraph of 150-200 words about the people (e.g. parents, relatives, friends or teachers) and the things that they did to mould you into the person you are today.

and this is my response! :D

Hi everyone. When I read this poem, automatically make me remembered to my family especially my mother. Yes! My mother is the one who support me and stand beside me whenever I am happy, sad, down, feel uneasy or nervous about something. She is the one who can stand with my behaviour. She is not just a mother to me. She is my true friend, my girlfriend, my boyfriend, my teacher, my assistant, my boss, and she is my everything. When I need somebody, she always there stand beside me and she always lend her ears to me. When I feel uneasy and stress about something, she always there to cheers me up. When I got flue, she always there to give me medicine. When I feel down and stress about studies, she always there to give me advise. My whole world does not only revolve around her, but she is the most influential person who inspires me. She is the one who always comments and criticize me. Sometimes, I am always think that my mother does not love me but I know she doing that because she love me and she want me to be a better person. If we know Superman, Batman, Power Rangers, and Cicakman, I am happy to know Supermom which is my mother. Thank you for everything, Mom.

if there are error please correct me. Alhamdulillah tenkiu :)

along have something to you. even the 'thing' not very special but it will be special to you InsyaAllah :)

special to my ibu, ZAWIAH ABDULLAH. this special 'give' along did just a few hours ago. hehe :)

to ibu,
I know that I always did something that make you angry or feel disappointed. I realized I was not a good daughter to Ibu and Ayah. I always lawan whatever you want me to do. Make you cry. Said 'ahh ahh' things. Rarely hug you which I don't know how to start :'( Rarely say that I love you :'( Sometime I did tengking tengking Ibu which it was not my intention. I am sooo sory. Deep in my heart you are always there. Your name is there :') I am soo sory if all this while almost 20 years I always make you cry. Be such not a good daughter that you want me to be. Tenkiu because ibu always sama sama along all this time until now this morning :') and also tenkiu yana yaya, come to meet me here and ayah, drive from our house to UPM just to meet me and give ole ole. hehe :P InsyaAllah I will be a good daughter to Ibu and Ayah :') pray for me here :) InsyaAllah I will always remember all of you in my heart and my do'a. I know that you will read this post. I just want to say this word which memang along sangat sangat jarang cakap or never talk directly to you. I love you, Ibu Ayah Yana Yaya :') okey I am a little bit sebak right now :')

raya 2011. see my happy face. it is weird -.- but I love this picture because it reflect my heart for having this special family :')


p/s  I have read and hear about this Mother's Day. About it is haram if we (muslim) celebrate this day. But it is depends on niat. If we use this day to make our mom happy so why not right? so it is about our niat or nawaitu laa :)
this post special to Ibu and also Ayah, Yana and my little sister, Yaya :)

with love,

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Atiqaa Payung said... [♥ balas ♥]

Happy Family snap !

iyka zulaika said... [♥ balas ♥]

@Atiqaa Payung aminn hehe :)

Amirah Jafri said... [♥ balas ♥]

So sweet :')

iyka zulaika said... [♥ balas ♥]

@Amirah Jafri :')

Ida Firdausi said... [♥ balas ♥]

sweeeeeeettttnyer.. salam kat ibu ye :)

iyka zulaika said... [♥ balas ♥]

@Ida Firdausi okey :) insyaAllah :)

♥ farhana ♥ said... [♥ balas ♥]

istri or suami boleh dicari, tapi ibu tiada ganti..oleh itu,hargailah dia selagi Allah bg kte pluang untk bersamany :)

iyka zulaika said... [♥ balas ♥]

@♥ farhana ♥ betul tu. Alhamdulillah :)